Testimonial – Partridge Structural Pty Ltd

I have known Scott Neander of SRN Constructions for over eighteen months in my capacity as a Senior Project Manager working for Partridge Structural Steel Pty Ltd. During this period Mr Neander was managing a project that I was involved with at:

3 Lynwood Avenue

The construction cost of the project was approximately $1.5 million.

This project is a three level home comprising lower ground floor, upper ground floor and first floor.

Mr Neander demonstrated excellent building skills with a high level of technical expertise, especially in regard to structural issues. The following are some of the building issues that were required in this project:

  • Structural steel needles supporting the entire back of the house while new footings were put in to detailed specifications;
  • Major ground floor and upper ground floor structural steel;
  • Detailed specification for al-fresco concrete slab and stairs to upper ground floor;
  • Underpinning and strengthening to existing foundations / footings;
  • Construct pitched roof marrying into existing;
  • Trussed roof over new area to upper ground floor area;
  • Cavi-t-bar lintels.

I am happy to recommend Scott Neander to my clients in his capacity as a quality builder / project manager.


Yours faithfully


Mike Lipman.

Testimonial Partridge Structural

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